The Undead News Thread (20090619.02)

Resident Evil: Afterlife

Yesterday, according to writer Paul Anderson (who also directed the first in the series): "Once again we're doing it completely with the blessing of the videogame company. We got a lot of flack [on the sequels] for, 'Why isn't the movie set in the mansion just exactly like the very first videogame?' That's just not progression for me. As the Resident Evil videogames themselves have developed in leaps and bounds -- it's like when we did the last movie people were like, 'Resident Evil doesn't take place in the desert. What the (expletive) is this?' Well, where does Resident Evil take place? Does it take place in Raccoon City exclusively? Well, I don't think so because the game has been in Antarctica, in Raccoon City, now it's in Africa."

I used to have more faith in Anderson, who was the man behind Event Horizon and Soldier. Then again, he was also the man behind Mortal Kombat and Alien vs. Predator. I think he's a bit confused as to what the fans are bitching about. I don't think it's where the movies are taking place. It's all the shit he's changing and massively fucking up. Remember how this guy turned out:


Now Movies Online is reporting: "Yesterday we gave you an exclusive update that the upcoming Resident Evil 4 is done and today we have an update to that. Hot off of our own exclusive AITH got word that the script is done and that yes it will be shooting in Toronto which will double as ALASKA and that it will also shoot in Tokyo. The script is complete and they are now in the process of reworking it and scouting locations. Patrick Tatopoulos is doing the special FX and apparently the vibe will be similar to Resident Evil 2."

It's official. Paul Anderson is definitely not in tune with the Resident Evil fans. Apocalypse was the worst of the three. Though no one can dispute that the first movie was at least decent. Case in point:


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