The Undead News Thread (20090620.02)



Welsh director Marc Price claims Colin, his zombie movie that premiered at Cannes Festival in May, had a production budget of $72. "The makers of Colin shot their film on a camcorder and persuaded actors and make-up artists to donate their service for free. The most extravagant expense was a crowbar, some mini DV tapes and some tea and coffee. 'The main actor, Alastair Kirton, is a friend of mine. We’d made a short together before and then we worked on Colin. I then got friends to come along and play both zombies and humans. A lot of them doubled up and end up getting killed as both zombies and humans. We ended up with over 100 people in the film. We were fans of zombie films, but they all seem to focus on a siege scenario, where people are trapped in a shack or a shopping mall, or a strip mall,’ Mr Price said. ‘It’s a case of them fighting off the zombies until all the humans either die or get away. We knew we couldn’t compete with that type of film, not having any money, so we decided to make a zombie film from the point of the view of the zombie.’"

"‘For the make-up, I sent out a message on a few websites putting out a call,’ Mr Price explained. ‘I said we wouldn’t be able to provide any material, that they would need to being their own equipment. But I said they could create whatever type of zombie they liked and we would give them footage for their portfolio. And we decided that in an end of the world situation, people wouldn’t have much time to find amazing weapons anyway, so we just used things like shopping trollies and other bits and pieces. Two Japanese film companies have made a bid to distribute the movie and the 30-year-old director is hoping that more offers will start coming in. We seem to have sorted something out for Japan, which means we’ll get to do a Japanese dubbed version. I’d love to have a UK or US distribution deal. I just want people to see it.’" The trailer actually wasn't too bad at all. You can tell it's very low budget, but it's amazing what they seem to have pulled off with next to nothing.

Source: CNN

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