The Undead News Thread (20090622.01)

Fear Itself

In almost creepy timing, considering I just found out about this show, which was canceled last year, apparently Lionsgate stated today that they: "will issue the NBC horror series FEAR ITSELF on DVD in September. All 13 episodes of the show will be included in this release, including five that never made it to broadcast when it went off the air last summer.

"FEAR ITSELF will be a four-disc set, streeting September 15, packaged in a special collector’s-edition skeleton-tombstone case, containing Stuart Gordon’s 'Eater,' Breck Eisner’s 'The Sacrifice,' Mary Harron’s 'Community,' John Landis’ 'In Sickness and In Health,' Brad Anderson’s 'Spooked,' Ronny Yu’s 'The Family Man,' Darren Lynn Bousman’s 'New Year’s Day,' Larry Fessenden’s 'Skin and Bones' and the unaired episodes: Ernest Dickerson’s 'Something With Bite,' Rob Schmidt’s 'The Spirit Box,' John Dahl’s 'Chance,' Rupert Wainwright’s 'Echoes' and Eduardo Rodriguez’s 'The Circle.' Four of them (unspecified as of now) will be director’s cuts presumably containing footage too graphic for network airing, and each will be accompanied by a featurette with cast/director interviews and behind-the-scenes footage. MSRP is just $29.98."

That's actually a very decent price, considering each episode's runtime is 40 - 45 minutes in length. I reviewed New Year's Day yesterday, and I just watched Eater (pictured below) tonight, before finding out about this, and if the rest of the series is this good, I'll definitely be picking this up. You can watch most of them at FEARnet for free, just like New Year's Day yesterday.


Source: Fangoria

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