The Undead News Thread (20090627.01)

The Eaters

"The Eaters is a 2009 independent horror film directed by Katie Carman. The film stars Elizabeth Lee, Jun Naito, Ivy Hong and Chesley Calloway. The film's World Premiere is scheduled for June 26, 2009 at the Anthology Film Archives. A Brooklyn band, General Malacarne, is practicing when once again, the power goes out. Little do they know that this blackout is unlike any other, and that while they relax and smoke up in the basement, everyone above ground is being transformed into vicious, undead eating machines. THE EATERS follows the band's journey out of post-apocalyptic Brooklyn to the imagined safety of Long Island."

This looks halfway decent, probably somewhere along the lines of Automaton Transfusion, but with a little humor. So at least it won't take itself too seriously.

Source: Cold Hands Productions

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