The Undead News Thread (20090701.01)

My Zombie Pin-up

"Where beauty eats BRAAAAIIIIIINSSS!!! This calendar is filled with undead pin-ups that are dying to get under your skin!!! Revel in the gore with each passing month as these vintage bombshells, turned zombie, tantalize and horrify you."

This is old news, considering the calendar (from the site Zombie Pinups!) is for 2008, and was reissued with the same photos for 2009, but now according to the site:

"We are digging up some fresh girls from the crypt for the 2010 Zombie Pin-up calendar. If you are interested in a 2010 version of last years calendar please contact us and let us know. If enough people are interested we will do a short run."

So that means, while you can still order the same old calendar for 2010, they're also making a whole new one. Once they post the final work for the calendar, I'll let you know. But if you haven't ever checked out the photographs for the original run, click the logo just below, and browse on through. Warning: they're a bit graphic (and a bit weird).

Source: My Zombie Pin-up

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