The Undead News Thread (20090701.04)

Edges of Darkness

"Edges of Darkness" is a horror genre film, from director Jason Horton (Trap), that involves three separate character driven stories that center around an undead apocalypse with scripture from the book of revelations acting as a backdrop. Set in an overrun apartment complex the three stories are connected not only through location, but through a climactic ending.

"The films central plot revolves around a religious end of the world involving several blood thirsty priests (Lee Perkins, Robert Kitchen) while several smaller plots look for attention in a quickly paced script. Fighting for survival in this murderous atmosphere are a small coven of vampires (Alonzo F. Jones), a writer (Jay Costelo) in the midst of an alien invasion, and an unkillable child who is able to spout scripture at the drop of a hat. Several characters witness the zombie apocalypse from the comfort of their living rooms."

Wow. Vampires, zombies, evil priests, the Antichrist, and an alien invasion. Goddamn, this looks like shit. I doubt I find the time to watch this. How the hell do people get funding for this shit every year? I need in on this cash cow.

"The director states 'I kind of took the kitchen sink approach with it [Edges of Darkness],' and this can quickly be seen from an initial viewing as further showings show the films complexity."

Source: 28 Days Later Analysis

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