The Undead News Thread (20090704.01)

Silent Night, Zombie Night

"Taking place a week before Christmas, SNZN is about a viral outbreak that’s unleashed, turning LA citizens into the feral undead. While facing the devastating effects of the outbreak, LAPD officer Frank Talbot (Jack Forcinito) is also faced with the decision of whether or not to leave both his wife Sarah (Nadine Stenovitch) and his partner Nash (Andy Hopper). Other SNZN cast members include genre favorites Lew Temple (The Devil’s Rejects) and Felissa Rose (Sleepaway Camp), as well as veteran character actor Vernon Wells (Commando, The Road Warrior)."

Two words: hell yes! This is the kind of campy crap that I enjoy, as opposed to the Edges of Darkness trailer I posted a few days ago. I even think it's cool that they spelled 'cancelled' wrong in the trailer. As far as the release date goes, it's looking to be late 2009 (probably December, obviously). Almost even better than the trailer, check out the trivia facts about the movie from IMDb:

*Shooting was momentarily halted when the LAPD arrived by foot, car, and helicopter due to a concerned citizen mistaking zombies and actors with prop weapons for gang members battling in the streets.
*An actor was run over while riding his scooter to set and had to have surgery, thereby delaying shooting for a half day.
*The LA Fire Department drove into production, in route to a nearby emergency call, mistaking the prop police car for a real one and thinking they had arrived at their destination.
*During the auditions to find an actor to play Nash, one actor decided to bring his own real gun and press it against Jack Forcinito's head during the read. (Jack plays the character Frank in the movie.) The guy who brought the gun was politely dismissed.

Source: Dread Central

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