The Undead News Thread (20090707.01)



Fangoria has an exclusive first report from the set of the new Woody Harrelson-starring Zombieland: "Wearing Western gear—cowboy boots, hat and black coat—actor Woody Harrelson strides up on the (fake) night-shrouded porch of a Texas gift shop filled with American Indian tourist kitsch. Using his sawn-off, double-barreled shotgun, he dings the bell above the entrance to 'Kimo Sabe’s' and steps to one side. Like one of Pavlov’s dogs, the now-zombified owner lurches toward the front door. All flesh-chewing instinct, the ghoul doesn’t see Harrelson hiding and gets a head shot from the gun, dropping like a sack of rotting enchiladas."

"The kill, as physically shot, is bloodless (no squib used, but splatter may be digitally added in postproduction). It’s a far cry from the gore-drenched chaos and killing Fango witnessed 10 days earlier, when the gutters of Atlanta, Georgia literally ran with blood as first-time feature director Ruben Fleischer supervised a scene of mass mayhem, featuring over 25 zombies attacking screaming, uninfected Yuppies trying to escape the plague of ZOMBIELAND." Head on over to Fangoria for the full report. I posted it before, but here's the trailer for what looks to be a kick-ass ride. Aside from the piano drop, I think the funniest part of the trailer is the fat guy running from his gym teacher on the football field. Zombieland is scheduled for release October 9th.

Source: Fangoria

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