The Undead News Thread (20090719.01)

The Hell Patrol

"Lt. Sandy Fletcher leads her squad of beat up 'Hell Patrollers' across a post-zombalyptic wasteland, to the safe city of San Francisco after a failed scrounging mission in Modesto, California. Her squad finds refuge in an abandoned farmhouse and they fortify the grounds for a possible attack. Lt. Fletcher, Sgt. Mark Daniels, Cpl. Chopper, Pvt. Mcwatt and Maj. Karl Brickhaus must fight their way through the unending wave of the undead to get home."

"The war's over, and we lost." At the helm is first-time director Turner Van Ryn, the film takes place in the wake of a zombie apocalypse. According to MoviesOnline, The Hell Patrol is "heavily influenced by Romero, World War Z and 'The Walking Dead' graphic novel." The release date is TBA 2009, but I'll keep you updated. You can find out more at Myspace and Facebook. The movie has quite a few cool looking posters as well, as seen below.
Source: MoviesOnline

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