The Undead News Thread (20090719.02)

The Dead Outside

"In a stark and terrifying future, a pandemic has transformed the general populace into murderous maniacs. Two of the uninfected, Daniel and April, meet on a remote Scottish farm. In spite of the situation outside the razor wire-encrusted walls of the farm, Daniel is certain there is both a cure and a solution. April has seen too much already in her 16 years on the dreadful and infected planet and clings to horrifying memories and the smoking barrel of her gun. Daniel has a number of hair-raising close calls with the infected. However, he ultimately finds the real enemy may not be the virus, but something equally deadly. THE DEAD OUTSIDE is a beautifully crafted nightmare within a nightmare. This film is presented flawlessly and delivers a haunting sense of ongoing fear and unsettling anticipation. THE DEAD OUTSIDE will scare you senseless!"

Directed by Kerry Anne Mullaney, who also wrote the screenplay with Kris R. Bird, The Dead Outside was originally premiered at the London FrightFest Film Festival on August 25th, 2008, then eventually at festivals in other parts of the UK, and most recently in San Fransisco, California, this past June. Though not officially zombies, these "dead outside" tend to look more like the infected from 28 Days/Weeks Later and Pontypool, which still lives in the realm of zombie, despite the best wishes of "purists" (who seem to overlook voodoo zombies). Amazingly, the film was shoot in only a mere 15 days, which is a great feat in itself. You can read more on the film's official site and its Myspace page. There's no definite date for a DVD release, but you can sign up here to receive information when everything is finalized.

Source: Another Hole in the Head

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