The Undead News Thread (20090721.01)

Survival of the Dead

"The latest zombie opus follows a war-weary band of soldiers who are lured to a remote island that promises to be the last paradise on earth, only to discover that even here there is no escape from the appetites of either the living or the dead."

Well, George Romero's new film is no longer titled simply "...of the Dead". The new entry in Romero's now six-strong series is called: Survival of the Dead. It doesn't really have the great ring to it that I was expecting, but it does bring to mind a question or two. For instance, is he implying that the "dead" are the ones now fighting for survival? If, continuing with the social commentary of Land of the Dead, we may very well see a shift in the plot, which is nothing new for Romero. This could also just be me reading too much into the title, but if not, this could very much lead to an interesting new change of course.

"The film will have its WORLD premiere at the "Midnight Madness" section (of TIFF) come September. Says Romero, 'We’re in the final stages of post-production and it’s great to come up for air and find out the film’s been chosen to appear at the Festival. It’s just a terrific honor.'"
Here's a few pre-release screens, and you can find the rest over at Bloody-Disgusting. Just click for the larger image. It's time to get pumped for Romero's next great feast for the eyes and the mind, like all good zombies should do.
Source: Bloody-Disgusting

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