The Undead News Thread (20090724.01)

Resident Evil: Afterlife


The newest addition to the video game-based series of movies has been getting a lot of press lately (see here). Well, now Arrow in the Head is reporting: "First up Anderson announces that the film will be coming at us in 3D using the same camera system that James Cameron used for AVATAR! Secondly Anderson hopes that RESIDENT EVIL: AFTERLIFE will be the start of a whole new RESIDENT EVIL trilogy and that it'll have the largest budget of all the RESIDENT EVIL films. He doesn't even see AFTERLIFE as the fourth installment to the franchise. Instead he sees it more as a rebirth of the franchise. And lastly it seems AFTERLIFE and it's subsequent sequels will feature previous characters from both the RESIDENT EVIL movies as well as the video games."

It has also been reported that Anderson is back in the director's seat, which I personally rejoice in, due to the fact that he has only directed the first film, the only truly good one. I often wondered how much of his script was edited or blatantly destroyed by other directors and producers, especially in Apocalypse. Now I'll have the chance to see if it was all just a fluke in the original. I'm not too keen on the movie being 3-D, since there's such a craze going on with it right now (My Bloody Valentine and the upcoming remake of Piranha), but maybe zombies in 3-D could be pretty damn cool. I'm also happy to hear that other characters from the games will be making appearance in this new trilogy, but hopefully they're more fleshed out than Jill Valentine and Claire Redfield were in Apocalypse and Extinction, respectively. I'm praying Afterlife puts this series back on track. Or am I the only one who feels Apocalypse was terrible and Extinction mediocre?

Source: Arrow in the Head


ZedWord said...

I didn't really like the first Resident Evil movie, but it had its moments. The next one totally lost me. I couldn't get over the cheesy-ass stunts. Therefore, I never bothered with the third film despite the promise of zombie crows (I LUUUUVE zombie crows).

So, my interest in any new films is pretty scant.

Ryan said...

Can't blame you there. I keep watching, hoping that the series will get back on track. It doesn't even have to completely resemble the games, but more substance could only lead to more enjoyment. Don't worry, the scene of zombies crows was a minor plus. Funny enough, it was one of the only favorite parts.

Did you ever see Resident Evil: Degeneration that came out last year? It was based off the games, and much more satisfactory in my opinion.