Film Review: Zombies! Zombies! Zombies! - Strippers vs Zombies (2008)

Directed by Jason Murphy, written by Anthony Steven Giordano, and starring Anthony Headen, Jessica Barton, Hollie Winnard, Sean Harriman, and Tiffany Shepis.

"Searching for the cure for cancer, a scientist creates a chemical that promotes cell growth. Whilst being visited by a drug addict, the drugs and the cure are mixed up and the cure misused by him and several prostitutes. These become zombified and begin biting people nearby. A small group of exotic dancers team up with the prostitutes former pimp to defend their strip club, the Grindhouse, against a horde of blood-thirsty zombies."

Not to be confused with Zombie Strippers!, though it's really not much different. Same old shit: a failed experiment goes wrong and ends up creating a bunch of zombies. Oh, and trust me, it's as amazing as its two titles. Some strippers, their friends, and others barricade themselves inside a strip club with the undead beating down the doors. There are no stars in this one. And no plot. The action is terrible. The dialog is the verbal equivalent of not wiping after you shit: it's rank, you know you forgot something important, and now everyone else knows it, too. Even the nudity is par. Go figure.


One of the guys even "parodies" the infamous line from another shitty movie, Snakes on a Plane: "I'm sick of these motherfucking zombies in this motherfucking strip club." At one point, when a guy is bitten and realizes he'll soon turn into the walking dead, a stripper decides to give him a lap dance to make him feel better. Classy. I like shitty movies, but I don't like movies that are so terrible that I can't even laugh. Through most of the movie, it falls into that select category. I just felt ashamed for watching it, and especially for finishing it. But I got rid of it months ago and purged myself with a healthy dose of Day of the Dead instead. It wasn't quite as good as a lap dance, but I did feel better.

Best quote: "Don't say another word, you fucker, or I swear to God I'll blow your pimp ass in half!"



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