July 2009 Pin-Up Girl: Raine Brown

I originally had this planned to start at the beginning of this month, and to continue it monthly, but was worried I might not have the time to keep it up, with all of the movie news and reviews that have been keeping me busy enough. But I decided that you can only read so many reviews before you get sick of reading. So why not have a bunch of pictures of pretty ladies thrown in the mix? So for the first month of this section, July's official scream queen is already an underground hit: B-movie scream queen Raine Brown.

Aside from co-staring as Toni, and eventually joining the ranks of the undead, in Aunt Rose (review coming soon) in 2005, Raine has also been seen in other B-horror movies such as: Satan's Playground, Woods of Evil, 100 Tears, Barricade, and Pink Eye. She has also modeled for artist Jason Beam on more than one occasion, the first two pictures in that second row below being examples of this. You can find more of Beam's paintings here and Raine's official site here.

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