The Undead News Thread (20090818.01)

The Eaters / Eat Me!

According to the official blog for the zombie movie The Eaters: "What do Madonna, New York City, Prince, Pepsi-cola, and OUR FILM all have in common? They've changed their names and become GREAT!!! THE EATERS is now known to the world as EAT ME!" The new post goes on to say: "We're gearing up for heavy festival submissions and wanted to begin with a title that would reach out and grab our viewers, be they festival screeners, potential distributors, or Johnny Youtubepeeper." You can read the rest over at the official blog. So, from here on out, the formerly known as The Eaters will be called Eat Me!, and I'm definitely digging it. Not to say that the original title was bad though. Directed by Katie Carman and written by Elizabeth Lee, this independent horror film started playing on June 26th in New York at the Anthology Film Archives. I'm looking forward to catching this one on release. Head on over to the movie's official site, Cold Hands Productions, for more information regarding the film.

"A Brooklyn band, General Malacarne, is practicing when once again, the power goes out. Little do they know that this blackout is unlike any other, and that while they relax and smoke up in the basement, everyone above ground is being transformed into vicious, undead eating machines. Will the band make it out of Brooklyn? Will they too become flesh eating monsters? Will their stash go dry? THE EATERS is the only horror comedy brave enough to find out."

Source: THE EATERS film blog

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