The Undead News Thread (20090709.03)

Dead Snow / Pontypool / Planet Terror / Mutant Chronicles

According to Fangoria, quite a few zombie movies now officially have DVD release dates. I've seen Dead Snow (review soon), and Pontypool looks amazing. "IFC Films gave Fango an update on when its horror titles will debut as Blockbuster exclusives and then become available for retail via MPI. Look for PONTYPOOL (Blockbuster Oct. 13) to retail February 10, 2010 and DEAD SNOW (Blockbuster Oct. 20) to retail January 26, 2010.

"Meanwhile, the two Blu-ray set of the complete theatrical cut of the Weinstein Company’s GRINDHOUSE (which we previously reported on here) has now been shifted to a street date of December 31 by Wal-Mart, which appears to be the only retailer offering it at the moment. That’s the slot the company has also set for a three-DVD GRINDHOUSE edition—but since that’s a Thursday, and discs usually street on Tuesdays, could that just be a default date?

"Magnolia Pictures gave Fango the supplemental details for MUTANT CHRONICLES, coming Aug. 4, and SURVEILLANCE, arriving Aug. 18, both under the Magnet Releasing banner. CHRONICLES, Simon Hunter’s science-fiction shocker starring Thomas Jane, Ron Perlman and John Malkovich in the story of 28th-century Marines vs. marauding NecroMutants, will be out in a director’s cut on a single DVD and a two-DVD Collector’s Edition jam-packed with bonuses."

I dropped the name of Jennifer Lynch's Surveillance just because it's probably the best horror movie I've seen all year, though not zombie-related. Mutant Chronicles is a decent movie, though it may be debatable if they're actually zombies. But if you consider 28 Days Later and 28 Weeks Later the living dead, then why not Mutant Chronicles? I've seen Dead Snow, and it's as good as they say. But unfortunately I'll have to wait on Pontypool, it seems, which is a shame. 2010 on Dead Snow and Pontypool? That's going to be one hell of a wait. I also previously mentioned the Grindhouse DVD special, but now we have an actual release date.

Source: Fangoria

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