The Undead News Thread (20090710.02)

Zombie Short Film Festival

I knew that there had to be at least one good idea left in movies. Well, folks, it's right here: a film festival dedicated to the living dead. That's right. All short films. All undead. Here's some of the juicy details:

"The tentative date is Oct.30. The tentative venue is the Revue Cinema. We are currently accepting entries from anywhere in the world. We're not currently fussy about format, but this might change once I secure the venue and know what kind of equipment we'll be working with. A DVD is probably best. The entry fee is $20 Canadian. That's about 17 bucks U.S. I'm in the midst of assembling a 4 member jury who will screen each entry and narrow the field down to a TBA number of finalists. The selected films will be screened on Oct. 30. The audience attending the event will then cast their vote for the winning film. The winner will be announced at the gala following the screening. The prize is TBA. It depends on the amount of funding I can raise and whether or not I can get wicked sponsors to donate cool stuff. There will be a prize, though. In addition to the TBA prize, the winning film will also receive the coveted Zomb-D'Or. This highly prestigious trophy was just described as 'the Oscar of Zombie Short Films'. By me. Two sentences ago."

It's still in the early stages, while they accept submissions, but this is all great news. Check it all out right here at the festival's blog, and I'll keep you posted.

Source: Zombie Short Film Festival

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