The Undead News Thread (20090715.01)

[REC] / O.C. Babes and the Slasher of Zombietown / Zombie Pack

Three zombie DVD's released yesterday, including [REC], O.C. Babes and the Slasher of Zombietown, and Zombie Pack, the latter which comprises of Zombi 3, Zombie 4: After Death, and Zombie 5: Killing Birds. Unfortunately, Slasher of Zombietown and Zombie Pack are Blockbuster exclusives for now, as well as the Special Edition of [REC], if you plan on renting. I haven't reported on Slasher of Zombietown yet, and to be honest, I know little about it. Here are the gruesome details of each:

[REC]: "From Executive Producers who brought you Quarantine, comes the movie that inspired the terror. A beautiful TV reporter (Manuela Velasco, Law of Desire) and her cameraman are doing a routine interview at a local fire station when an emergency call comes in. Accompanying the firefighters to a nearby apartment, the news team begins recording the bloodcurdling screams coming from inside an elderly woman's unit. After authorities seal off the building to contain the threat, the news crew, firefighters and residents are trapped to face a lethal terror inside. With the camera running, nothing may survive but the film itself."

O.C. Babes and the Slasher of Zombietown: "Different groups of OC stereotypes are trapped in a bar due to a recent zombie outbreak. Little do they know that the Orange County Slasher who has been killing people all week is trapped inside with them. OC Babes and the Slasher of Zombietown is a horror/comedy that starts off when Sean and Ed (if you caught that one this is right up your alley) go out to a bar for the first time for Sean's 21st birthday. There, they meet Madison (the bitch), Savannah (the slut), Megan (the hot nerd), Lindsey (the hot edgy nerd), Ashley and Michelle (the porn stars) Mike and Bret (the bro jock guys) and a couple of old barfly skanks and some surfer chick. The night seems like any other for Sean and Ed; filled with rejection. That is until a half eaten woman runs into the bar and warns them about zombies outside. Once they lock the bar up they start dropping like flies."

Zombie Pack: "The dead have risen and they're hungry for human flesh! This unholy trinity of zombie classics has been assembled for the heartiest of appetites. With the aid of such talents as Lucio Fulci (Zombie 2), Joe D Amato (Beyond The Darkness) and Robert Vaughn (The Magnificent Seven), this gut-munching, flesh-chomping, brain-devouring Italian zombie collection is sure to satiate your undead bloodlust."

I personally loved [REC], and felt the insult, like most fans did, when Quarantine came to light. While still a good zombie movie on its own, it changed very little, at least not enough to warrant the remake. It was simply made to (1) cash in on the American market and (2) present a horror movie for Americans who are too lazy to read subtitles (or can't read at all). As I said before, I know very little about Zombietown, and concerning Zombie Pack, I've only ever seen Zombi 2. I know, I know. Sue me.

Source: Fangoria

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