The Zed-Word Press: "Honest Scrap" and "Great Read Award"

Don't Say the Zed-Word was recently awarded the "Honest Scrap" award by Geof over at Enter The Man-Cave, a very essential blog that I recently came across. "The Man Cave is my pimped out basement, command center and the only room in my house in which I rule total domain! My lovely blogger wife recommended that I start doing something useful from the confounds of my Man Cave due to my colorful commentary on my travel experiences, love for films, addiction to video games, and devotion to sports." If you've never checked his blog out, then definitely do so. I'm very appreciative of the award, and so the rules are to list ten sites to award and then ten honest things about myself.

This blog's only been up about two months or so now, so until recently, I had only stumbled onto a few sites. I'm only going to do 5 awards because I'd feel too awkward giving an award out when I've only read the most recent posts, and haven't commented much, or at all, yet. Maybe I'll eventually give out my own awards, in which case, by then, I'm sure the list will be much longer. So, without further ado:

1. Radiation Cinema!: The only thing I love as much as zombies? Old b-movie sci-fi flicks. The site's truly beautiful, despite my being partial to the subject matter. Truly an original, amazing blog.

2. The Horror Club: Movie reviews for practically every horror movie in existence. And that's just the start of it. A be-all, end-all things that go bump in the night site, that is quite visually appealing as well.

3. The Vault of Horror: The Vault is one of the first horror blogs I ever started reading. I remember reading it long before I ever started blogging, and it's still one of my favorites.

4. The Zed Word: Zombie Blog: Aaron at The Zed Word was kind enough, and the first, to welcome me to zombie blogging. While I've set out to mostly only feature zombie movies, The Zed Word features all things zombies (reviews, news, festivals, zombie walks, and everything in between).

5. I Like Horror Movies: Carl's horror blog is well-known throughout the blogging community, and with good reason. You'd be hard-pressed to find a man who knows more horror. Period.

I rarely mention anything about myself personally here, so I figured this would be a good opportunity to do so. It might be one of the few times I ever do on Don't Say the Zed-Word. Here are 10 honest things about myself:

1. I'm a metalhead. I go to as many metal concerts as I can afford. Back in eigth grade, which would now be twelve years ago, I started listening to Cradle of Filth before I really even got into Metallica. So, being interchanged in my CD player was Cradle of Filth, Third Eye Blind, and Sugar Ray. True story. My first concert was Rob Zombie.

2. I have three roommates: my brother and two friends.

3. I love hot sauce. I mean, I really love it. If whatever I buy doesn't taste hot enough. I add a bit of the one million scoville pepper extract I have.

4. I was born in Florida. Eventually, my parents decided to move back to their home state of Indiana, and they made me come, too. I'm currently in the midst of correcting this mistake.

5. I go through little "phases". I used to draw and paint, for around 7 or 8 years, and then just quit. I don't even doodle anymore. I used to write poems and short stories, for about a good 9 years, but almost never write anything these days. I also have countless collections of things I never finished collecting.

6. I'm obsessed with Lost.

7. I only watch about 3 hours of television per week. When I first moved out on my own I ended up living without cable for 5 years. I just rented or bought movies, or watched movies online. Now that I have cable, I rarely watch it.

8. I'm a heavy drinker. The courts would agree.

9. I have a tendency to not finish about 1 out of every 4 books, because around 3/4 of the way through, I realize I don't like where the book is heading and keep thinking of how I would write it differently.

10. I'm in the process of teaching myself keys. In my spare time I make (crappy) electronica, which some of it can be found here.

I would also like to acknowledge Radiation Cinema! again, for awarding Don't Say the Zed-Word with the "Great Read Award for Blogs of Horror" about a week and a half ago. Listed among other great horror blogs (which I've started reading) was a nice write-up on Don't Say the Zed-Word. Hopefully you've already checked out Radiation Cinema!, but if not: "On July 16th, 1945, the first atomic bomb test, Trinity, was detonated at the White Sands Missile Range . Welcome to the Atomic Age! It was not at all immediately clear what this new age would bring. New words were buzzing around, none of which had pleasant associations: plutonium, uranium, fission, chain reaction, Little Boy, Fat Man; but the most disturbing of all was a word that created in the mind an image of a slow, unstoppable, scientific death: RADIATION! The Bomb was America's weapon and was supposed to create a feeling of security, right? Nope. Not even close. Judging by the great sci-fi and B movies of the era, nothing was to be trusted. We were now subject to a variety of calamities, including: animal mutation, human mutation, profound paranoia, soul corruption, alien invasion (both human and non-human in the form of Communism), Biblical retribution, insane scientific experimentation, the walking dead, pestilence, famine, war, death – pale horse and pale rider – the whole kit and caboodle. In short, the golden era of science fiction and B-movie cinema!"

It's truly a kind gesture, and special thanks goes out to both Mykal at Radiation Cinema! and Geof at Enter The Man-Cave for both awards. I would also like to thank everyone that follows and takes the time to read my blog. I appreciate every person that stops by and comments. As I said earlier today, I haven't updated quite as often as when I started, but I'll have a little more time on my hands and fully intend to get back into the swing of this. Stay tuned for more news and reviews.


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