The Undead News Thread (20090810.01)

Hide and Creep

Shoot for the Head is reporting that the special edition for the 2004 indie zombie flick Hide and Creep, inspired by the short film Birthday Call, is being released on DVD October 6th. I've never seen the film myself, but, due to the hilarious trailer, I'll definitely be catching this one once it's out. The dialog alone seems worth it. And I'm digging the blood-covered Grand Am. Here's the link to the official site.

"In the sleepy town of Thorsby, Alabama, no one had a life. Then the dead showed up. Now instead of just killing time the people of Thorsby are killing each other, taking up arms as the zombies take to the streets, the barbecue joints and the strip bars. Soon spaceships are flying overhead, federal agents are patrolling the grounds and a few fearless individuals are joining forces to run like hell."


Source: Shoot for the Head

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