The Undead News Thread (20090717.02)




Today we have two new screen caps for Zombieland that I've borrowed from Bloody-Disgusting who borrowed from Entertainment Weekly. "In the horror comedy Zombieland focuses on two men who have found a way to survive a world overrun by zombies. Columbus is a big wuss -- but when you're afraid of being eaten by zombies, fear can keep you alive. Tallahassee is an AK-toting, zombie-slaying' bad ass whose single determination is to get the last Twinkie on earth. As they join forces with Wichita and Little Rock, who have also found unique ways to survive the zombie mayhem, they will have to determine which is worse: relying on each other or succumbing to the zombies."

You can find more pictures and news about the movie here, here, here, and here, because apparently this is the fifth time I've reported on it without realizing it until now. You can also find new stills of two other new horror movies at BD: Pandorum and Thirst. I'm looking forward to all three of these flicks. On a side note, I'm worn-out from a long week, restless, hyped up on too many energy drinks, and my presently short attention span is preventing me from completing the movie reviews I had planned on writing this evening. That's why I'm instead wasting my time posting two little pics from a movie that, by now, everyone has heard about. Anyway, here's the trailer for z-movie Zombieland, which even Bill Murray has a cameo in as a zombie:

Source: Bloody-Disgusting

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